About Me?

Everything has started with corks

in March 2017 we started a cork wall project, that took almost four month to complete. The final masterpiece concluded around eighteen thousand pieces of wine and spumante corks. It covers around five square meters of wall and weights almost hundred kilos. It is a tribute to a character behind artistic persona. And represents thousands of sealed bottles that has been once opened on different occasions. 

Each cork has been hold by people who purchased these bottles. They all have individual and specific aromas. Some of them represent bouquet of emotions that were shared on the occasions between participants, or maybe it hiding problems of our society. You can imagine each cork as a road crossing, or knot of lifelines that comes together in a huge complex web. Some of these corks were dirty and worn, others almost untouched and shiny. They had definitely different forms, and were origin from bottles with a different value and prize. As people who’s abused the drinks, that were sealed with these corks, were definitely coming from different economic and social classes, all together they are now one.

These corks represent variety of  countries, the wine being manufactured in. As material of choice, corks reminds us about disappearing natural resources and traditions. These corks has deeper meaning and after all, it’s just a mosaic of a dogs face on the wall.

Corks were donated by individuals and restaurants of Helsinki and Tallin. To me cork is fascinating material for crafting and recycling in my art projects. We are living era irresponsible consumption. It’s possible that we will use up most of resources that we don’t understand to appreciate as we take they existence as self-evident phenomenon. That for I encourage you to make shelf life art, and try recycle something you already own.

-Karsasuon Tintti
(self-taught artist, introvert and odd persona)

Tamperella 3.-5.10.2021

Murikkaopiston tiloissa... ..Askartelua, työpajoja, taidetta ja iloa.... Ilmoittaudu nyt!

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